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About the Project

What is Tarabot?
 Tarabot is a project implemented by Jordan Hashemite Charity Organization (JHCO) at East of Amman (AL Mahatta) funded by Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation.
Tarabot Community Center was integrated in April 2015 to provide a variety of services to the population in the East Amman region , for free to all society categories (females and males / adults and children) for all nationalities, focusing on providing services to the Syrian refugees.
Our Promise to you:
• Provide a safe and a comfortable environment for you to have a fun and a useful time.
• Provide the necessary support to you through the various activities carried out by the center departments.
• Ensure that every beneficiary receives services without discrimination, regardless of gender, ability, language, race, religion or nationality.
Our Departments:
1. Psychosocial Support Department :
The Psychosocial Support Department provides a range of services needed by the child and family in the local community in the Eastern Amman Region, which aims to improve their mental and social health, develop their skills, increase their productivity and motivation through a range of supportive and recreational activities, Psychological and social status of individuals.
Department Activities:
• Many activities are offered in the children's room which help to meet their psychological, physical, mental and social needs through various activities such as ( puppet theater, coloring, free drawing, lego, play with paste, face painting, story time).
• Assisting beneficiaries in solving homework and providing informal educational sessions in the basics of various subjects (such as Arabic, English, Mathematics, Science and Computer). These sessions are provided according to the needs and level of education of the children, taking into consideration the differences between them.
• Conducting awareness sessions and various educational and educational lectures for beneficiaries, especially young people, children and women, to provide support to them, by psychologists.

2. Training and Events Department :
The Training and Events Department services:
• Exercises and activities aimed at empowering individuals to be more effective in the community by introducing creative thinking about their role and importance, making decisions and discovering untapped qualities within them, in addition to providing them with the correct and appropriate as an example we offer Training in life skills and financial literacy trainings.
Events and events aimed at achieving communication and interdependence among individuals, strengthening social relations, achieving some aspects of solidarity among individuals, and these celebrations have psychological and social effects that affect individuals such as (Mother's Day, Carnival Eid, Iftarat Ramadan, Tree Day, Youth Matches).
**  You can hold an event, workshops or meetings in our halls at the Community Center
** All staff and volunteers are experts in their fields and available to help
** Our motto is to spread love, peace and the concept of volunteerism to serve the local community
** Tarabot Community Center is is a safe space for children