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Campaigns and initiatives

Jacket for Every School Student in Need
This campaign collects donations to help students in impoverished and rural areas by assisting families in bearing the financial burdens of the school year, especially in winter. A study conducted by Jordan Hashemite Charity Organization has shown that student performance is negatively affected by the lack of appropriate clothing and necessary stationary; as such, the Charity Clothing Bank helps in the provision and distribution of these to school students.

Target Group
Students in schools located inside the 36 poverty pockets in the various governorates. Approximately 50,000 jackets are distributed to both male and female students in 264 schools in these areas.

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Winter Bag
This bag is offered to families in need during winter, and contains:

Blanket , 4 scarves , 4 gloves , 4 socks , 4 wool hats

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Employment and Training
The Charity Clothing Bank, in cooperation with the Jordanian Women's Training Association and with the support of Ibrahim Jilani Sons Company, established a sewing center to give women financial independence and improve their standard of living. The center, located on Istiklal Street, trains 12 women eight times a year to create designs, sew and operating sewing machines through qualified trainers. Upon graduation from the course, the Charity Clothing Bank aims to supply each beneficiary with a sewing machine to enable them to work from home or to help them in finding work opportunities through partnerships with clothing companies in the Kingdom.

Target Group
Charity Clothing Bank beneficiaries should be between the ages of 18 and 45, interested in learning, sewing and designing. This group includes widows, divorcees or those with limited income.

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Orphan's Clothing Program
The Charity Clothing Bank hosts 1,200 orphans annually at a rate of 100 children per month. One day of each month is allocated to a donor to host the orphans, with the donor's team in attendance. The orphans can shop in the exhibition hall for new items purchased through the support provided by the donor. Once the children have made their selections, food is distributed and they are treated to fun activities.
Clothes for the Eid Program
  • Many low income families cannot afford the necessary clothing that is typically purchased during religious holidays, such as Eid Al-Adha, Eid Al-Fitr, and Christmas.
  • Now, you can provide new clothes for these families and bring some joy to their hearts by donating cash for the purchase of clothes.
  • A team from your organization participates in the distribution process.
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Senior Citizens Clothing Program
The Senior Citizens Program aims to visit homes for the elderly and provide them with any urgent needs they may have, such as towels, underwear, blankets, warm winter clothing or shoes.

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