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Afghanistan 1991-2010

Following the floods of 1991, JHCO sent 36 tons of humanitarian aids to the affected areas of Afghanistan. As a result of the devastating earthquake in 1998 that killed thousands and destroyed more than 30 villages, we sent planes carrying medicines/medical supplies and foodstuffs with a payload of 32 tons.
The Jordanian Military Field Hospital was equipped with medical aid supplies; these were sent in one of the Royal Air Force planes in addition to groceries and food parcels.

JHCO distributed aid to the areas of Pouloak and NOAA Abad with the cooperation of Jordanian armed forces stationed in the region. In 2001 and 2002, three aircraft delivered 66 tons of aid consisting of food, tents, medicine and medical supplies, blankets. In addition, JHCO established a field hospital to treat any number of ailments and injuries.

The aid was delivered thanks to the coordination of the Embassy of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in Islamabad, the Jordanian Military Field Hospital and Albanian Special Forces stationed in the region. On August 27, 2010 JHCO hosted 46 Afghani people and helped them perform Umrah with the cooperation of the Jordanian Armed Forces. We also distributed food parcels, clothes, winter coats, toys and stationery items for schools.

Copies of the Koran were also distributed to a number of mosques. JHCO and the Jordanian Armed Forces received the gratitude and appreciation of the Afghani people in a public demonstration for their role in alleviating the suffering of Afghani citizens by the providing humanitarian aid and in helping to maintain security and stability in the area.