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Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina 1992-1999
JHCO responded with vigor to the Bosnian crisis beginning in 1992.We undertook numerous construction and infrastructure projects, including the building of a health center in Kalesija in honor of his Majesty the late King Hussein bin Talal and of the Grancesta School. In addition, JHCO rebuilt a 300 year old mosque in the city of Mostar and established an Islamic Cultural Center in Sarajevo. In Amman, JHCO purchased a building for the embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which has allowed for continuing goodwill and relations between the two countries.

Apart from these construction projects, JHCO was active in helping the Bosnian victims of the war, establishing a center to host families as well as arranging accommodations for additional families and providing them with water and electricity. JHCO also provided transportation and education to school-age children.

In addition, JHCO sent a variety of relief materials totaling over 5 million dollars to aid in the recovery and protection of the affected Bosnians.