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Palestine 2000-2013

JHCO has provided humanitarian aid to the Palestinians affected by the Israeli attacks and blockade of the Gaza Strip. This assistance has taken the form of groceries and food, medical equipment and supplies, ambulances, tents, household items and clothing.

We have established a land bridge to provide humanitarian aid in relief convoys to Gaza. These convoys have been instrumental in providing medical necessities such as units of blood and blood plasma, blood refrigerators and other needs such as water, bread, generators, stationery, educational computers and carpets.
Additionally, JHCO sent a military field hospital to the Gaza Strip along with contributions of medical supplies and ambulances. In total JHCO estimates that we have sent over 43,370 tons of aid to the West Bank and the Gaza Strip since the beginning of the Second Intifada in 2000.

According to the directives of His Majesty King Abdullah II Ibn Al Hussein, JHCO has facilitated the hosting of thirty Palestinian children from the West Bank and the Gaza Strip to visit Jordan to provide some comfort in alleviating the difficult situation in which they live.
In 2012, JHCO supervised the adoption of 1500 orphans from Gaza under the mission of His Majesty’s grant, King Abdullah Bin Al Hussein. JHCO continues to perform a vital role in the transportation of aid to our Palestinian brothers, as well as accepting and transferring donations to those in need in Palestine.