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Iraq 2003-2007

For the first four years of the NATO occupation of Iraq, JHCO had a constant presence on the ground helping to assist the affected Iraqi population. This assistance included the opening of a field hospital in Fallujah, which we continually provided with medicine, medical supplies and devices as well as the opening of a dental clinic.
JHCO’s close proximity to the affected areas allowed us to contribute heavily to the affected population utilizing truck caravans, which carried roughly 6647 tons of relief supplies. These included a variety of medical supplies, food, tents, blankets, generators and items intended for those with special needs.
In addition to these materials, JHCO coordinated with the UNHCR to open and administrate the Al Ruwished camp inside of Jordan which hosted numerous affected civilians. In addition to our efforts in administrating the camp, JHCO provided a constant source of groceries and other foodstuffs to the refugee population.