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Message And Vision

The mission of the Jordanian Charity Organization for Arab and Islamic Relief, Development and Cooperation (JHCO) is to implement the royal vision and the directives of the Hashemite leadership in extending a helping hand to people in need in the Kingdom and abroad by sending emergency assistance and other forms of relief to victims of both manmade and natural disasters. This reflects the ongoing royal guidance to JHCO, which encourages action and initiative to supply countries and nations that are exposed to disasters with a variety of relief goods by providing all possible emergency humanitarian aid to affected people around the world. This reflects the spirit of compassion of the Jordanian people and their solidarity and sympathy toward those afflicted. Since its establishment, JHCO has sent aid to nearly 37 countries around the world; the largest share of its relief has been humanitarian convoys – Al Rahm Al Mawsool (which literally translates to joined kinship) to Palestinians in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, to alleviate their suffering under the current harsh living conditions