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Other Projects

The Tarabot Social Center
The Jordan Hashemite Charity Organization in partnership with the Danish Refugee Council established the Tarabot Social Center in the capital city of Amman. This project was founded to provide sustainable solutions to address the effects and challenges that face both Jordanians and Syrian refugees in the Kingdom as a result of the long-term Syrian crisis.

The project focuses on women, children and youth-oriented activities by identifying their needs and taking into consideration the problems they encounter, such as abuse. The program also focuses on the involvement of children in the informal labor market as well as domestic violence. Furthermore, the project attempts to identify solutions to reduce, as much as possible, any forms of violence they may face in order to avoid long-term damage.

The project includes the implementation of the following activities:
  • Cash assistance for special and emergency cases
  • The referral of special needs cases to relevant organizations. A special work team assists beneficiaries in accessing available services by identifying their needs and linking them with the organization that provides the relevant type of aid to fulfill this need
  • The provision of information about services provided by organizations. A special work team will tour areas with Syrian refugee concentrations to raise awareness about available services and to respond to their enquiries
  • Activities aimed at increasing social cohesion and building the capacities of Syrian refugees to help them adapt to the challenges they face after leaving their homeland
  • The development of self-reliance capacities through training courses on the following issues: beneficiary rights stipulated by the law, proper family health and hygiene, avoiding debts and learning how to save money, proper nutrition, conflict resolution and early childhood care.
  • Social activities aimed at encouraging cooperation among individuals through learning how to handle differences in opinion and points of view and how to handle conflicts within the family and in the surrounding environment, as well as learning effective communication skills
  • The provision of psychological and social support for youth and children through various activities, such as painting, artwork, handicrafts, storytelling and sports activities.
  • Activities to raise the capacity level of individuals, institutions and associations in the Jordanian society for the purpose of handling problems and challenges.